Guide my mother-Jagan Reddy

Jagan Mohan Reddy with mother Vijayamma. Photo courtesy:
The Hindu

Even as YSR Congress party chief, Jagan Mohan Reddy continues to get interrogated there has been hectic political activity in Andhra Pradesh. While TDP leader Mysoora Reddy has been suspended after he met and then later joined the YSR Congress party another Congress MLA, A Nani who has his base in the West Godavari district also extended support to Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Whether or not Jagan is arrested by the CBI continues to be a million dollar question. However whatever the case may be, Jagan prior to the questioning told his party workers that his mother would lead the campaign in case of his arrest. She has been told that she would lead the campaign in case of his arrest and would also be in charge of the party until Jagan returns. He also made a request to his party workers that they should assist his mother and also guide her well in his absence.

However in the days to come, the people of Andhra Pradesh would see more of Vijayamma as Jagan may not be able to give his full attention to the on going campaign. There is uncertainty about his questioning and since the files before the CBI are mamoth in nature there is a chance of the same being extended by another day. However in case the CBI requires an extension they would need to file an application before the CBI court seeking the same. While there is a likelihood of the CBI filing for an extension, Jagan would once again have to go before the court on the 28th of this month and would spend nearly the entire day over there.

Taking all this into consideration the YSR Congress has decided that Vijayamma play a more significant role in the campaign and she is the only other crowd puller in the party after her son. Many within the party too see her as a more acceptable face in the current situation. She would not have to campaign under any sort of pressure of CBI cases and moreover she has been specifically use the sympathy card a great deal during her campaign during the by-elections to the 18 seats.

This election is very important for both the Congress and the YSR Congress and it is being dubbed as a mini assembly election. It is essential for both the parties to have good showing in these elections as the fate of both these parties would be decided based on the result. In case the YSR Congress party manages to come out victorious then it would benefit a great deal as there are many fence sitters in the Congress waiting to cross over. The Congress would however try its level best to avoid such a scenario as it just cannot afford to lose any more MLAs.

At the moment there are around 9 MLAs from the Congress who are awaiting the outcome of the Jagan interrogation and the CBI action. This morning the nine MLAs met with Jagan and while offering their support also assured him that they would join him in the days to come.
However all eyes are now on Vijayamma as she is all set to take centre stage in the party. Political observers say that she may not have the kind of charisma that her son has, but her clean slate in politics would help her campaign without any interruption. Moreover she is better known as the wife of Dr Y S Rajasekara Reddy and this would be a crucial factor as she would gain the sympathy of the people. In case her son is arrested she is likely to use that to the maximum in order to gain some additional sympathy among the voters.


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