Kerala-Cracking the money code

It is something that all security agencies across the country have been saying and today they are inching closer towards proving themselves right. The Kanwarnain Vazirchand Pathreja in  connection with the 13/7 blasts goes on to prove the fact that the nexus between incidents of terrorism in India and the funding for the same is directly emerging out of the southern state of Kerala.

Pathreja was picked up in New Delhi on the charge that he was a hawala operator working for the Indian Mujahideen and interestingly the tip off came from the Kerala based Jamat-i-yyathul Ansarul Musalimeen founder, Mohammad Sameer who is being  grilled by both the Karnataka and Kerala police. While the police is yet to confirm whether Pathreja is directly connected with the Indian Mujahideen or was just moving money without knowing what he was really getting into.

Sources say that during the interrogation of Sameer, it came to light that money was being moved out of Kerala for all the recent blasts and it was being distributed through various operatives in different parts of the country. Pathreja was one such operator who was in touch with Yaseen Bhatkal who gave the final touches to the recent spate of blasts that rocked the nation.

While the recent catches by the police including Pathreja will give the police some clues, the most important person that they are banking on at this point in time is Sameer. He is a crucial member and not some ordinary operative. He founded the JIAM which is front organisation for the IM which operates out of Kerala. Although not directly involved in a lot of these blasts, he has a fairly good idea of how the IM is managing to network Kerala and Dubai and link it to the rest of the country.

Sameer was picked up by the Delhi police and later handed over to the Bangalore police. Since his detention and arrest he has been questioned on various aspects including the Bangalore serial blasts. He was also taken to Mysore where the police believe he had stayed for a while during the planning of the Bangalore serial blasts. However Sameer today appears to be more important to the Kerala police. A source in the Kerala police department informed that the line of investigation is three pronged. The first one is the functioning of the JIAM in Kerala as a front organisation for the IM. The second is the hawala network in Kerala which is responsible for funding 80 per cent of the terror strikes in India and the third is with regard to the youth that are being sent to Kashmir to train to fight alongside the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

So far Sameer has been spilling the beans about the hawala network and also the manner in which the recent spate of blasts were planned outside of India. He goes on to tell the police about a strong Dubai module which is in the know of the attacks before they take place in India. This was something that had come to light after the Varanasi blasts when the police said that the entire operation was remote controlled from Dubai. Apart from attacks being planned in coordination with the Dubai module, Sameer also speaks about Muscat has become the main front from where money is being sent in to Kerala and later being distributed through hawala operators.

Sameer hails Thana in Kannur and claims that most of the money that comes in from Muscat lands up in his district and from there it is transferred to the rest of the country as and when there is a requirement. The police will look to crack this code and how Kerala has become a focal point in such hawala transactions which ultimately fund terror activities in the rest of the country. The money that is involved in such transactions come in from sympathisers in Muscat. However the money flow has not been found to be constant and is wired only when there is a requirement and this in fact has kept the heat on such transactions low.

The police say that one can expect more crack downs in the days to come and there is an entire ring of the JIAM/IM combination which will be busted soon. However police refused to divulge more details regarding this aspect as it could hamper investigation. The police however add that Sameer is a very prized catch for them as he was handling both operations of the JIAM and IM and more importantly played a very key role in recruiting youth for the Kashmir operation which is now become a headache for investigators. In addition to this Sameer would also be helpful for the police to find out if he had anything to do with the funding of the 13/7 blasts which police now say was planned in Dubai for which the funding came from Kerala via Muscat.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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