The confession of an IM operative

Targetting religious places, voicing the concerns of Pakistan and large scale destruction- this is what the refurbished Indian Mujahideen had in mind. Special teams from Delhi, Maharashtra and Karnataka continue to grill the recently arrests suspects in the Chinnaswamy Stadium, German Bakery and the Jama Masjid attack cases and they have found a lot of information relating to these incidents. The man that has been providing most of the information to the police is Qateel Siddiqui who speaks about his role both in the German Bakery and the Chinnaswamy stadium blasts. He was part of both the operations, but his job in the Pune blasts was restricted to an operation to be carried out at the Shrimant Dagdusheth Halwai on the same day and at the same time. He tells the police that it was Yaseen Bhatkal who planted the bomb at German bakery while he was assigned the task of undertaking the operation at the temple.

Qateel who hails from Bihar also told the police that during their meetings they had also decided on carrying out an attack at Bangalore during the IPL match. He said that they only wanted to send out a message to the Indian authorities that they did the wrong thing by not playing the Pakistani players.

While the plots in both the German Bakery and IPL blasts case is clear, there is really not sense being made out of the Jama Masjid attack. Some police officials say that it is more of a test run and it was never going to be a major operation. It was timed to coincide with the inaugural of the Common Wealth Games and the intention was only to create panic. It was a hurried operation and the execution showed that there was not much planning in it. However what the police are more curious about is the ammunition and the arms that were used in that attack and it only went on to show that despite the crack down they were able to easily procure rifles and also material to make bombs. However in the Jama Masjid attack, the IM relied on using a pressure cooker bomb which finally blew up a car.

Qateel during his interrogation says that these attacks were all planned under the supervision of Yaseen Bhatkal. He was the direct link between the top IM leadership and also the cadres. They never made use of phones or emails during this operation and always met directly. All the meetings were held in Delhi and the plan was also laid out over there. This is precisely one of the reasons why the police took so very long to nab these culprits since the use of technology was something that was never present during these attacks.

Qateel further points out that Yasin had told them that the Pune operation would be their biggest one since there was a need to hit back at the police. They believed that under the garb of curbing terrorism the police had made the life of some innocents hell and hence they needed to strike. At Pune two blasts were planned, but then only one worked out. Yasin had carried the bomb to the German Bakery while Qateel was supposed to plant it at the temple. However while leaving the bag it was noticed and he was told to take the bag out. He could not go ahead with the operation following which he dismantled the bomb.

When it came to carrying out the IPL blasts, Yaseen stayed away from the actual operation. Qateel is an unknown face in Karnataka and there was never any proper record against him. This was however not the case of Yaseen Bhatkal as he hails from Karnataka. Qateel was assigned the job along with Ghayur Jamil. For both the German Bakery blasts and also the IPL blasts, the material was carried out of Delhi and assembled in the respective places.

The interrogations have also thrown up another interesting fact and that is Delhi had always been the hub for IM activities. Some believed that they were operating out of Pune, but after the earlier crack down two years back they had moved out of there entirely. Investigations have show that Yaseen was always at Delhi and he was also one of the youth who managed to escape during the Batla House encounter. Further it has also been revealed the Bhatkal brother-Riyaz and Iqbal too had made a visit to Delhi to oversee the re-birth of the IM. The re-birth of the IM has always been on the cards. There has been a lot spoken about this, but it is only now that the police have actually been able to find out how these persons were going about their job.


Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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