Omission of Pak players led to IPL blasts?

The investigations into the Chinnaswamy stadium blasts have revealed that the reason behind the attack was to avenge leaving Pakistan out of the Indian Premier League. The Bangalore police which had sent a special team to New Delhi to interrogate the accused arrested by the Delhi police said that during their probe the accused persons had revealed the above mentioned reason. The Bangalore police have zeroed in on two persons by the Mohammad Qateel from Darbanga, Bihar and Ghayur Ahmed Jamali from Madhubhani, Bihar. It has been found that the duo had come down to Tumkur in Karnataka where they prepared the bomb. In the month of April 2010, the duo left to the Chinnaswamy stadium before the match commenced and planted the bomb. The accused persons are said to have told the cops that the Indian MUjahideen, the outfit that they belong to were upset with the fact that Pakistani players were omitted from the IPL. They had decided to carry out an attack in order to send out a message to India that this is what they would face in case they left the Pakistanis. Hence it was decided that they would carry out the attack. The Bangalore police informed that the body warrant of the two persons have been obtained and they would be brought down to Bangalore for further investigation. The Delhi police meanwhile continued interrogating the rest of the persons whom they had arrested in connection with the various blasts to have rocked the country. As of now the leads into the Stadium blasts are the clearest while there is still some time to go before they could crack the 13/7 and the Jama Masjid attack case which took place before the Common Wealth Games.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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