IM moves to Bihar

Intelligence Agencies had warned of a build up in Bihar and the recent arrests of the Indian Mujahideen operatives only went on to prove this fact. Although the Delhi police are still working on concrete leads into the various incidents of terror after these spate of arrests, the focus has now shifted to Bihar from where several leads regarding the operations of the Indian Mujahideen are coming out.

Bihar had all the ingredients to make it one of the biggest hubs for all sorts of notorious activities. Although there were some reports in the past regarding a build of the Indian Mujahideen in this state, it is only now that the police are taking this threat seriously. Bihar according to Intelligence reports acted more as a transit point all these years, but today it has become a recruitment hub.

Today there are at least 11 active modules of the IM operating in Bihar and each of them have been functioning to their potential which eventually helped the re-grouping of the IM. The areas that have come under the scanner are Araria, Madhubani and Sitamarhi. These areas have been considered to be the top hubs for terror recruits. Although it is hard to put a figure on the number of recruitments that have taken place in these areas, sources in police say that the number is quite substantial.

Earlier there was a lot of emphasis on areas such as Old Delhi and Azamgarh. But today it appears that terror operations in those areas have come down a great deal. It was obvious that they would shift their area of operation as it had become too easy for the police to make a search for the usual suspects.

A state like Bihar has always been a happy hunting ground for any sort of illegal activity. Take the district of Kishanganj for instance. It has been notorious for illegal immigration and there is very little that the government has been able to do to stall this problem.

There is a constant influx of people into these areas which make it easier for terrorists in particular to get in and also out after every incident. This is probably one of the reasons why there is such a mystery surrounding the Varanasi blasts as it is believed that the foot soldiers could have slipped out thanks to this uncontrollable menace of illegal immigration.

Another interesting aspect which would need to be looked into here is that all recruitments that have been made for the recent blasts have been from Bihar. All these address details have the name of this state. With nearly 20 million illegal immigrants in India most of whom are in Bihar and West Bengal the task ahead appears to be extremely tough. There are only a handful of ideological terrorists in these modules while the rest of them have been recruited for money. This would mean they carry out the operation and then slip out thus leaving no trail.

Prior to these arrests there was a man by the name Riyazul Sarkar who had been picked up on the suspicion that he had a role to play in the 13/7 blasts. On interrogation it was found that he belonged to Kishangang which is a hub for illegal immigtation. It has been found that there are a large number of touts who are involved in bringing in such persons and in the days to come these persons who be under the scanner. The very fact that these persons live in India with no proper records goes on to make the job harder for security agencies.

Investigations have found that the main transt point has however been a place called Purnea which shares a border with West Bengal which is another state notorious for illegal immigration. This has been the the transit point. Not only does it bring in the illegal immigrants but has also become a major transit point to smuggle arms and also drugs. The fact that Nepal too is round the corner has made matters only worse.

The Bihar operation has been two fold for the Indian Mujahideen. Not only have they tapped persons who are in want of money, but have also targeted the educated youth. There appears to be a change in the mind set of the youth in this state and it has become extremely easy to recruit them. Riyaz Bhatkal who also goes by the name Sharukh Khan has tapped this state extensively. All recent recruitment have been attributed to him and the manner in which he has gone about picking up youth with such ease has attracted the attention of other terror groups as well. Today the police say that apart from the IM, one could find cadres of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba, Hizbul Mujahideen and also the Harkat-ul-Jihadi in this state.

The IB says that Bihar will continue to be a landing point for these terror groups. Not only are they getting their recruitments done with ease, but have also been able to transport and also stock up arms and ammunition with ease.

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Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

2 thoughts on “IM moves to Bihar”

  1. The migration, rather expansion of IM from Karnataka’s Bhatka area & Kerala, to Bihar is only expected. A diligent investigation, conducted with loyalty and honesty, will unfold the nexus or the golden connection IM has already established between Karnataka, Kerala, W.Bengal, Bihar and Nepal with of course the obvious financial back ups coming from the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia and Dubai. That the recent arrests of 6 or 8 IM cadres is only a tip of the firmly established group in Indian soils goes beyond doubt.

    Measures not just to mitigate but totally eradicate this potentially menacing threat should be undertaken without leaning towards minority appeasement or vote bank politics.

    Well, hope so. Past records of this CON led government in tackling anti national threats significantly pertinent with the minority community is far from comfort. Will this too pile into their basket of tactical blunders remains to be seen.

    Thanks Vicky.

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