Bellary win-is it defeat for Justice Hegde

Bellary has been retained by Sriramulu, one of the closest aides of the Reddy brothers who are all part of the illegal mining scam. The big question that is being asked is whether the likes of Anna Hazare and Justice Santhosh Hegde who have been raising their voice against corruption been silenced?
Sriramulu has been in the news for his role in the illegal mining case. It is Justice Hegde’s report on illegal mining which had Sriramulu’s name as one of the accused in the case. Today does the victory of Sriramulu mean the defeat of Justice Hegde’s movement against corruption?
Justice Hegde does not think so. He has won alright. Is he the only corrupt one over there? Do you mean to say the others have not spent money?
How can you say the movement against corruption has been defeated? Such things happen. It takes a while. The objective should not be defeated. If some have taken money and voted then they should answer their conscience.
Speaking of the Bellary election today each of the parties has been corrupt. Each one has had a role to play in the illegal mining case and hence there is very little choice.
You can make light of the movement against corruption. Although I agree when you would say that the issue of electoral reforms ought to have been taken up by us first before the issue of corruption. There is a need to change electoral laws first if we want to see some impact in the system.
However I would want to take this issue up. I would want a performance audit of all MP’s and MLA’s. Such things should be made public and the voter must have the power to recall his vote. This would keep these leaders on tenter hooks. Let this be put in and the next election would have a better result.
The question of fielding tainted candidates is another issue. Once a charge is framed by a court then the candidate should be denied a ticket. When the charge is framed it would mean that the court has applied its mind. However merely being an accused does not mean he should be denied a ticket. Even naming someone in a Lokayukta report is not a criteria to deny a ticket. A Lokayukta report is not a conviction, it is just first information.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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