AP trust vote will be a no show

The much hyped up no confidence motion proposed by the Telegu Desam Party is expected to be a now show. Chandrababu Naidu who has been thretening a no confidence motion against the ruling Congress in Andhra Pradesh says that the main idea was to expose the government.
The YSR Congress party which has been gunning for the Congress is however ready to support the motion but in reality they do not have the numbers to pull the government down. Despite the claim that all loyalists in the Congress would support the motion, in reality only 21 MLAs from the Jagan camp are ready to support the motion. Including the TDP. Jagan would need at least 50 MLAs on his side to topple the Congress.
The numbers are all in favour of the Congress and those MLAs from Telangana too have decided not to support the no confidence motion.
Naidu however will have to take the final call and it is entirely up to him whether he wants to go ahead with this excercise. He has been chanting the farmer problems and saying that a no confidence motion would take place only if the Congress remains blinded to the plight of the farmers. He however has clearly indicated that his idea is not to force an election in the state but to expose the Congress.
A meeting of the Telegu Desam Legislature Party would be held on November 30th to take a final call on the issue.


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