5-years of horror and back

The big news in Malegaon is the return of the youth who were accused in the 2006 blasts case. After a long battle for five years it was a happy reunion for the family members who got to see their dear ones after almost half a decade.

Some of the youth took time off to speak about their ordeal, but it was clear that they did not want to reminded about the situation that they had faced. Their voices were shaky as they spoke and it would take a long time before they get over what they faced.

Dr Salman Farsi had to cut short his career due to this case. A medical practioneer by profession was the sole bread winner for his family. The family which also comprised his twin daughters had a tough time making two ends meet while he was away in jail. However none of them lost hope as they knew that he was innocent. Dr Farsi says that he was shattered. I really do not want to speak much about this as I believe that it was a nightmare. It is going to take sometime before these bad memories are erased, but I am hopeful that with the support of my family and friends I will be able to forget about it as a bad dream. Now I want to focus on commencing my medical practice.

For Noorulhoda Shamsuddoha is even more tragic there could not have been anything worse than being arrested a couple of days after his marriage. How could the police say that the entire Malegaon conspiracy was hatched at my marriage. I have been under the eye of the police since the age of 16. All I did was take part in a march against the US attack on Afghanistan. Ever since then for any incident anywhere in the country, I was called for questioning. Where is the time to concentrate on building a career, leave alone studying when I have only faced questioning? However I had learnt to cope with it and just when thinks were a bit better this Malegaon incident took place which dashed all my hopes. Today he does not have much words and hopes that normalcy would return into his life.

In the case of Shabbir the situation is the same. There is pain and anger in his voice. He owes a great deal to his nephew Afzal who changed his career to fight his case. Afzal who had completed his Chartered Accountant (CA) Foundation did not pursue his career in this direction. Instead he did his LLB. This was largely because no lawyer was willing to take up Shabir’s case. We did approach a lot of lawyers, but none of them were ready. This made his do his law to fight the case of his uncle.

Shabir however says that he did not wish to speak about the incidents in the aftermath of his arrest. It was a bad experience and I do not want to be reminded of it ever again, he points out.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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