Yeddyurappa walks free

Former Chief Minister of Karnataka, B S Yeddyurappa will walk free after spending 23 days in jail. The Karnataka High Court hearing his bail plea granted him bail on the condition that he furnishes a bond of Rs 10 lakh and a surety of the likesum. The order was passed by Justice B V Pinto who has been hearing arguments since the past two weeks.

His legal team is now preparing the paper work to secure his release and once the formalities are completed Yeddyurappa will walk free. The paper work is expected to be completed by evening today.

Yeddyurappa was arrested on October 15 after a Special Lokayukta court cancelled his bail and issued an arrest warrant against him. The charge against him in this case was that he had denotified land while misusing his office as the Chief Minister of Karnataka which in turn helped his family gain financially.
Justice B V Pinto while dealing with the fears allayed by the comainant in this case stated that the chance of Yeddyurappa tampering with the evidence would not arise. This is mainly because all the evidence has been documented. This point had also been raised before the Lokayukta court. The judge on that ocassion had stated that if Yeddyurappa remains out then he would tamper with the evidence as he is a very powerful person.
The other aspect that went in Yeddyurappa’s favour is the fact that Justice Pinto states that there are certain technical issues concerning this case. The sworn affidavits don’t make an averement to the authenticity of the documents that have been produced in this case.
Although Yeddyurappa has been released today on bail, the legal road ahead for him is not an easy one. There are at least 8 other cases against him which also includes the report on illegal mining which indites him. This was the report that forced him to step down as the Chief Minister of Karnataka.

Justice Pinto observed that “at the stage of taking cognisance, the trial court relied on the sworn statement and documents produced by the complainant (Sirajin Basha) but these documents were not subject to cross-examination at this state.
It is seen that all the documents (produced by the complainant) are either certified to be true copies of original documents not complainant in his sworn statement anywhere averred that the contents of the documents are true,” Justice Pinto pointed out while observing that mere reading of sworn statement does not disclose petitioners are guilty of any offence and hence there is no impediment for granting them bail.”
Yeddyurappa has kept his legal team busy all these days and they have filed for anticipatory bail pleas in all other cases against him.

Yeddyurappa’s arrest was also not short of drama. He was ordered to be arrested, but then he held out and decided to surrender before the court instead. Barely a few hours after he went to jail, he was taken out and shifted to a hospital when he complained of chest pain. However a couple of days later he was taken back to jail after the doctors cleared him.


2 thoughts on “Yeddyurappa walks free

  1. Why do I feel that he’ll die fighting the cases, and will never hear the final word (Supreme court)??

    This is a fantastic business model! Screw your country in your 60s, the court cases can be dragged to 20 years, within which you’ll die anyway, ensuring wealth for a few generations!!


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