Delhi blasts-why is there a mailing spree on?

It is a perfect ploy that has been adapted by these terrorist groups. A third email has been sent out in three days after the Delhi blasts and this gives a clear indication that the intention is to confuse investigating agencies.
There is a bit insanity in the manner in which this case is being probed today. Every theory has wrong till date. The get away car which they thought was the vehicle of terror turned out to be stolen car and had nothing to do with the crime. Secondly the sketches which were drawn out in a hurry turned out to be wrong images according to the NIA. This has now prompted them to put out a new sketch. The interrogation of the various men who have been picked up till date in connection with the blast is moving at a very slow pace. These are just suspects and investigating agencies say that they are looking for leads from them although prima facie it does not appear they were directly connected with the crime.
The email culture after a blast which was made famous by the Indian Mujahideen was once a weapon for the police. However today it has become a nightmare since it is taking the police a step backward. On day one they were on the HuJi trail based on the mail. The mail clearly states that the judiciary would be under attack and that was the theory that they were working on. The probe did go in one particular direction and some members of the HuJi were even picked up.
The second day however there was another mail that was sent out which took the NIA into another spin and they started to explore the IM angle since this mail was alleged to have been sent by the outfit. Just when this angle was being probed there came another mail today which speaks about carrying out an attack in Ahmedabad.
What such mails tend to do is throw the investigating agency off guard and the resources are more about safeguarding the city. Moreover despite the IM being down today, the police have learnt from the Ahmedabad blasts experience where a mail was sent out a couple of minutes before the attack warning about the blasts.
The IM had the most sophisticated technical cell and they used technology to their advantage. They played the cat and mouse game with the police very well with the police and did manage success to a large extent. The likes of Mansoor Pheerbhoy may be arrested and Abdus Subhan absconding, but that it not good enough to say that they technical cell has been busted. There are many more boys who are out on the lose who are capable of sending such mails bouncing them off proxy servers.
Sources in the investigating team say that this is the third mail till date and it cannot be merely dismissed as mischief. Whoever is sending them out has a motive behind it and it could all have been sent from one place while bouncing them off servers of different places. A mischief monger may not take such a big risk of dealing with a case of terrorism knowing fully well what the consequences are. Although the person sending out the mail may not have anything to do with the attack, he would be still interested in sending it out to confuse the investigators. A couple of boys from the IM are capable of this since they would be trying to send out a message that they are still active. Although they may have not carried out this attack they would still want to show that they are in business. The NIA is in touch with Google for more details on the mail and are expecting some answers in the next couple of days.
The probe today is centric around these mails since the police believe that there could be more to it. Apart from trying and finding out the origins, they would also study the pattern. For starters it does not appear to be a typical mail that an IM would send out. However one cannot rule out the possibility of a change in strategy, investigating authorities also pointed out.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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