Terror in India- Absolute state of chaos

A blast rocked Old Delhi days before the Common Wealth Games. Then there was a blast in Varanasi which was recently followed by the 13/7 attack in which almost 20 persons lost their lives. What is common in all these attacks? The fact that they continue to be unsolved mysteries.
These blasts may have been smaller attacks when compared to the other ones that India has faced in the past, but the scary picture that one gets is that terrorism which was an organised form of crime all these years in our country today is out of control which is making it impossible for security agencies to crack.
A security expert said that this is exactly what the Pakistan sponsored terrorist groups wanted and the war is being played out exactly the way they want it. A counter terrorism expert pointed out that the cases were solvable as long as these groups were organised. Take for instances the series of attacks launched by the Indian Mujahideen or the Students Islamic Movement of India. There was a plan, then there was a sleeper cell and then it translated into the module before the foot soldiers were out on the field carrying out the attacks. The Indian Mujahideen infact went a step ahead too in this battle and even used technology to carry out attacks.
However what we got to see in the three attacks as mentioned below is that complete lack of planning and also the use of conventional methods to carry out an attack.
Today Intelligence Bureau officials say that it is the fringe elements of SIMI which have carried out these attacks. Although we have not been able to come to a definitive conclusion on the outfit, we can say with confidence that some stray elements are carrying out these attacks.
There have been attempts to regroup outfits such as the IM and SIMI in some parts of the country. However the message from Pakistan is clear and that is these groups shall not regroup for now. The object is to carry out terror strikes and more importantly ensure that the Pakistan trail does not come into the picture. That is happening to perfection and this is something that these terror groups from across the border had always wanted.
When a spate of arrests were made and the Indian Mujahideen almost busted there were attempts that had been made to regroup this outfit. The likes of the Bhatkals and Amir Reza Khan did make attempts, but they decided to take a back seat for the time being after seeing how the Old Delhi blasts took place. There was a realisation that some fringe elements who had access to explosives in the country were carrying out these blasts and this was a trend that was not going to stop. What they also realised that some boys were capable of joining hands and carrying out an attack with no support from any module or even their aakas at Pakistan. Hence the big bosses in Pakistan allowed such attacks to continue and made no further attempt to regroup.
The IB says what is making this entire exercise of controlling such attacks even more tougher is that a group of four boys join hands and carry out an attack. Now these boys are either from the SIMI or the IM and the worst part is that none of the others from these outfits even know what these boys are up to.
What has been noticed is that these attacks are carried out for the sake of revenge. The arrest of Safdar Nagori, the Batla House Encounter and also some of false cases against members of the SIMI is what keeps these boys going. The attacks we would get to see in the future would be similar in nature. Any four boys from any part of the country could get together and without even discussing it with their outfit could carry out an attack. It is a state of chaos within these terror groups and the lack of a proper plan or procedure among them is making the life of police officers hell.
Following these attacks the Intelligence has even cross checked the communications to Pakistan and have found no trace of any such communication. This is a clear indication that none in Pakistan too are kept in the loop about such attacks. The interrogation of various other operatives connected with the SIMI or IM too have yielded no results since in reality those persons are unaware of any such plan.
While the situation got worse with the Delhi blasts, the real beginning of such type of an attack was the Bangalore blasts which was carried out by T Nasir. He was originally part of the SIMI and a self motivated operative. He managed to raise funds through a Gulf contact and with the help of a couple of labour carried out the Bangalore blasts. The irony is that no one in the SIMI or the IM even knew about this attack. This kind of an attack became an inspiration for the various other youths who decided that they ought to carry out attacks on their own. They realised that they could carry out an attack on their own by taking a decision on their own and without any handlers.
The IB says that it looks like a complete split in these groups and there is no unity among them. However there is nothing to feel happy about it since their lack of unity means that the attacks would not be coordinated and the job of the police only becomes tougher at the end of it. The lack of coordination and proper planning may ensure that these attacks are not very effective in nature, but the fact remains is that it is a grave threat to security and would continue to be an irritant.
To cut a long story short, the Indian agencies could blame themselves to a large extent. The lack of proper investigation which led to the arrests of innocent youth and men has created this fury among such groups. This is exactly what a group such as the Lashkar-e-Tayiba wanted and today they appear to have succeeded in their goal to a large extent since when incidents of terror are not coordinated it amounts to a total state of chaos.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

25 thoughts on “Terror in India- Absolute state of chaos”

    1. thanks a ton for all the comments nice to see some life back on the blog after a dead one month. in the days to come, i want to make the blog much more interactive and will participate more. sorry was out of sorts all these days. hope to see more of all of you in the days to come. lots of love vicky- good night


  1. Vicky, frightening – yes, disturbing – yes, distressing – yes…….and it can go on.

    That nothing is being done by those very agencies who are supposed to protect us is annoying. Agreed, there is a lack of intelligent qualification on the Indian side matching those that of the aggressors from within. Political manifestations override national security and thereby a sense of deliberate compromise becomes evident. Perhaps the reciprocal stake must be that they remain safe while the nation burns. However, whatever be the assumption, there is grave danger looming just around the corner and nothing is being done to mitigate that…sadly. Men and equipment is available, but the ‘will’ is either absent or cloaked for the sake of petty vote bank politics. This dereliction of duty will contribute to the disintegration of a great nation and it must not happen. Austere measures needs to be adopted for the sake of the nation and I do hope those in the right positions do consider this even if they have to ignore or override the directions of a petty,corrupt and insipid Central Government!

    Thanks as always, Vicky.


    1. Sir thanks so much for the comment. It sure is an irritating dangerous situation. The unwanted pressure by media has let to a lot of bogus arrests which have angered a few who in turn translate this to the common man. Quick measures with the help of senior members shud b taken to avoid this horrific situation.


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