United politicians dangerous to Anna cause

The entire nation may be behind Anna Hazare and his movement for the introduction of his version of the Jan Lokpal Bill. However while speaking to one of the members of the drafting committee-Justice Santhosh Hegde, one gets a grim picture of whatever is happening.

All these days there was this confidence that the fight was against the government which everyone feels was too adamant regarding this issue. However today is a different issue altogether. All the political parties have come to the conclusion that both the bills will be withdrawn and a new committee will be formed.

The biggest problem today is that all the political parties have become united and this is disastrous to the cause. The real issue is that the points raised by us should have been agreed to, but with these parties standing united today, the hope is slowly fading away.

None of us today believe that anything good will come out of this. This government is adamant and is famous of taking U-turns. There is no rift within our team and we have been stressing on the same point since the past several months. The entire team is behind Anna Hazare and the government also knows that we are united. The battle is becoming a frustrating one and the government has done so many flip flops. We saw some hope when the government agreed to the two points raised by us. We thought that the issue was coming to a close, but then the U turn happened. I find the situation to be grim today since it is not only the government which is being adamant, but all political parties have joined hands. They are united now and this is dangerous to this movement.

They speak about forming a new committee. We all know what this new committee is going to do. It will water down the entire exercise.

The Prime Minister’s statements on the inclusion of the PM are in good taste, but I feel it has come too late in the day.He should have issued this statement in April itself. However the point is that are these statements serious or are people trying to take credit for something? During the various deliberations we have had we have never got a clear picture about anything. Each one is making their own statement and this is leading to confusion.

The health of Anna Hazare continues to be a concern for all of us. I personally feel that we should keep a fast out of this protest. We do not want any loss of life in this movement. We have been urging him to withdraw his fast and just continue with the protest. The police will take him to hospital and there is not much anyone can do about it since the law is very clear that no one has the right to kill himself. It can be a fast, but not a fast until death since it falls under the ambit of suicide which is an offence as per the Indian law. The scenes may turn ugly if he forced, but on a personal note, I too feel he should end his fast and just continue with his protest. I have not contacted any of my colleagues as yet, but will surely convey that the fast has to be withdrawn since no life should be lost. We can continue to make our demands through a protest since the country is behind us today.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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