Lokpal: What the govt should do

The Government of India may have blinked in the Anna Hazare case and permitted him to go on fast, but will the real issue be solved with this latest decision is the lurking question.

Professor Dipankar Gupta, a fellow at the Nehru Memorial Museum in New Delhi feels that the Government cannot take forever to come to a conclusion on this issue. Professor Gupta explains exactly what the government should do now to salvage the situation.

Letting Anna Hazare go ahead with the fast for now is only a temporary solution. Things may quieten down a bit for now, but if there is no decision on the main issue and that is the Jan Lokpal Bill then things are bound to flare up yet again in due course of time.

Firstly the government will need to take up the issue immediately in Parliament and then debate it. It needs to be resolved immediately and they should not take three weeks to settle the matter since the very purpose will be lost then.

According to me the government has acted in the most stupid manner in this issue. If you had asked me three weeks back about the Anna Hazare movement, I would have said that the road ahead was very tough for him and his supporters. Basically by remaining adamant and worse carrying out an arrest the government has behaved in the most stupid manner which has only made his battle easier. What the government ought to have done is give out signals the moment they knew that Anna Hazare would go on fast. Instead they chose to stay adamant and today they are facing the music for the same.

If you would ask me how the movement would be in the days to come, I would say that it is tough to predict the same. When one talks about social movements, at times one never understands the logic and this is no different and hence one would have to wait and watch.

With regard to the Bill, according to me it needs to be debated no doubt and action initiated in very quick time. However there are various issues within the bill which I am sure that even the BJP may not agree to. Although I am in favour of including the Prime Minister and the judiciary, I really do not think that is the crux of the entire issue. Corruption according to me should be dealt right from the bottom level and only once that is done will the real issue of corruption be resolved.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

One thought on “Lokpal: What the govt should do”

  1. “Corruption according to me should be dealt right from the bottom level and only once that is done will the real issue of corruption be resolved.”

    Completely agree…. even if a strong lok pal bill emerges….. it wont be effective as long as people are ready to give bribes to the corrupt. how often is it that a person who has been asked for a bribe comes forward? rarely…..

    the only real way to fight corruption is stopping it at the bottom. stop paying up cops and stop taking auto’s who charge you extra and so on.. all these will bring a slow but definite change.

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