13/7-Probe update

Photo courtesy: http://images.ctv.ca

Four days on and no solid leads in the serial blasts case. Several persons have been detained across the country for questioning, but no arrests have been made as yet which indicates that there is nothing really concrete that has come out as yet. Investigators are now too busy probing those Indian Mujahideen operatives who are lodged in jail. Some of these men are in jail since 1994 and they may not be able to provide investigators with the leads that they are looking for.

However according to sources they have realised that the operation could have been triggered from outside India and this makes the job even more harder. The IM is operating under the name of the Bullet 313 brigade as of now, but the operatives remain one and the same. A name change is what the IM needed to keep the heat low on the outfit.

Currently a team of the National Investigating Agency and the Indian Intelligence Bureau are questioning a man by the name Jalees Ansari also known as Dr Bomb who is lodged in a jail in Ajmer. While they have found no link between him and the latest incident, he is being questioned for leads regarding the modules in Maharashtra since he had orchestrated an operation over there prior to his arrest. They are pinning their hopes on him for more leads since today he appears to be a remorseful man and feels that terrorism is a wasted exercise. Investigators are hoping that he would reveal more since he is in this mood as of today. Ansari had said a couple of years back that terrorism is benefiting no one and it tends to hurt the Muslims more than anyone else at the end of it. However despite the statements, the investigators believe that he could still be in touch with some persons in Pakistan and this was concluded on the basis of the police finding SIM cards on him which were used to make calls to Pakistan and also some countries in the Gulf.

Ansari could have information on modules in various states which would in turn give investigators more leads into the same. Ansari according to investigators is no ordinary operative and is accused of being the mastermind for 60 blasts across the country. He has a thorough bred network which was formed after the demolition of the Babri Masjid and the police believe a lot of youth under him are still active.

The other man that they are finding out more details from is Riazul, the man arrested in Bihar yesterday. This man is believed to be part of the Indian Mujahideen. Although a low ranking cadre as of now, he could have more details regarding the case. The police are trying to ascertain what material he was carrying and whether they had anything to do with the blasts.

The police are also making inquiries in the Bhatkal town in Karnataka which used to house the Bhatkal brothers, Riyaz and Iqbal. Routine questioning is on to find out more about the modules and also the whereabouts of the brothers, a source in the intelligence bureau informed.

During the investigation the foreign angle is also being probed since investigators believe that the blasts could have been triggered from outside. There are at least 20 operatives of the Indian Mujahideen who have taken shelter in the UAE and also Pakistan which is making the probe tougher. An operation had also been conducted in Nepal on Saturday where agencies are beleiving to have hunted for the likes of Abdus Subhan. Although the intel on him states that he is in Pakistan, there are still chances of him moving in Nepal and hence the hunt for him and his associates was on.

Apart from this the police are also on the look out for the likes of Baba Sajid ( in Karachi now), Asadullah Akthar (UAE), Dr Shahnawaz (UAE), Iqbal Bhatkal ( Karachi), Riyaz Bhatkal (Karachi if alive) among others.

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