I want answers on Ramdev fiasco

Was he some terrorist that he had to be picked up amidst such high drama and urgency, Justice Santhosh Hegde, member of the Lokpal Bill bill drafting committee had to say about the Baba Ramdev incident.
It has brought back memories of the horrific emergency which imposed in the month of June 1976.
Not only is this a clear case of violation of fundamental rights but it appears to be exactly like the situation that prevailed during the emergency. What was the hurry and was this some emergency situations where terrorists were slipping out. The government has a lot to answer on this, Justice Hegde who is also a former Judge of the Supreme Court had to say when asked about the current situation.
memories” of the June 1976 internal emergency.
Was this necessary to treat the protestors this way? They were protesting peacefully. They were beaten up and the brutality which I witnessed has pained me no end.
I don’t think anyone has the right to disturb a peaceful agitation.
It is the fundamental right of every citizen to gather peacefully to demonstrate and till yesterday nothing untoward had happened which gave room for any suspicion that there may be a law and order problem. This looks like a case where the government wants to curb the voice of the people.
This is a violation of the fundamental rights of citizens and also a violation of the human rights of the  people who were present there.
When a democratically elected government resorts to such action then the situation is very bleak. What was the emergency in acting like this? Just because negotiations fail you don’t resort to force. want an answer from the government as to what ignited the situation and shall not rest until answers are given. I feel for those various people who came all the wasy from different parts to support the movement.
I don’t understand the need to act in such haste. He had permission to use the Ramlila ground and the government was aware what was going on there. The use of force is to be condemned since the demonstration was vocal and never physical.

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Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

One thought on “I want answers on Ramdev fiasco”

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