Mecca Masjid-4 years later

Photo courtesy: The Hindu

The Mecca Masjid blasts at Hyderabad was a turning point for terrorism in India. Four years have gone by and while the Muslim community in Hyderabad blame their representatives for not doing enough, the investigations on the other hand continue to move on at a snail’s pace.

It is a well known fact that it was the Harkat-ul-Jihadi which was initially blamed for the blasts. The reason given out by the police at that time was this blast was carried out to create a divide in society. However three years later everything changed and some Hindu elements were brought to book for this incident and what sealed matters was a confessional statement by Swami Aseemanand who went on to claim that it was they who carried out the blasts.

Today the case is being handled by the National Investigation Agency and last month they had visited the blast site and reconstructed the incident as part of investigation procedure. An NIA source said that these things take time and we cannot conduct an investigation as per media pressure. We are doing our work and the interrogation of several accused in on. We are also on the trail of Ramji Kalsanghra and Dange who will help provide more leads to the case. We are looking to close the case in the next couple of months, the source also said.

At the moment the NIA has in its custody, Swami Aseemanand, Devendra Gupta and Lokesh Sharma for their involvement in the case.

Lateed Mohammad Khan, convenor of the Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee which has been fighting the case of the Muslim youth who were falsely implicated in this case says that the Muslim representatives have failed to fulfill their responsibilities at a time they needed them the most. All we Muslims are upset with them because instead of making the government of Andhra Pradesh accountable they decided to play defensive. There was no one to console the families of the people died in the blast and firing. They were treated worse than the animals. Police spread such terrorism that the families of the dead could not even perform the last rites properly. People were prevented from joining the last prayer for the deceased.

He further adds that nabbing the culprits is not sufficient in the case. The Hyderabad police have played a role in this and the NIA would do well to investigate this angle to the case as well. We believe that the police provided logistic support to the Hindutva terrorists. Immediately after the blast, police started firing on innocent people which helped these culprits get a safe passage to escape.

We do not understand the attitude of the Government. It had constituted the Bhaskar Rao commission of inquiry to probe the case and it has even submitted a report to the government last year. However the government refuses to table the report or even make it public. This is being avoided since the report mentions the names of several police officers which the government wants to protect. The report further speaks about the torture of the Muslim youth and how they were electrocuted while in custody.

At the end of four years the Muslim community in Hyderabad have the following demands:

-Table the Bhaskar Rao Commission report in the Assembly.

-Investigate the Makkah Masjid bomb blast and subsequent police firing seriously.

-Full stop to the Hindutva terrorism and book these terrorists under rule of law.

-Secular parties and Muslim representatives should fulfill their responsibilities.


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