The mystery T comity 8th chapter

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The mysterious 8th chapter in the Shri Krishna Committee report which was never made public has become a talking point in the whole of Andhra Pradesh. Manage the media to curb the movement and if Telangana is given it could turn into a land for Hindutva forces, Jihadi elements and Maoists is something that this 8th chapter has to say.

The 8th chapter has become a fighting point between the people of Telangana and the residents of the Seema-Andhra region today. The people of Telangana are obviously up in arms against this portion of the report and say that they will not settle for anything less than the arrest of Justice Shri Krishna.

The 8th chapter has some very controversial recommendations and suggestions which have not gone down well at all with the public. Firstly it says that Telangana will become a hub for militant Hindutva forces and Jihadi elements. Further it says that if the state is divided then Telangana region will become a den for the naxal movement. Further it also speaks about the MIM gaining in strength if Telangana movement is allowed to succeed. The report also speaks of increase in communal clashes if Telangana is handed over.

However the portion which has been taken very badly is the point where there are suggestions given to the government to manage the print and electronic media in order to curb the movement. Giving these organizations more government advertisements will keep them in good books and they should be told to curb the movement, the committee also suggests.Further the committee has also gone to say that additional forces should be used to curb the movement.

The big question that is being asked is why did the Government not make this chapter in the report public while it was released more than a month back. The matter was taken to the court where petitioners had alleged that the report was biased in nature. The court during its last hearing ordered the government to make this report public. While passing the order, the court had observed that this chapter makes it clear that there has been some amount of bias in the report.
The government is however mum on this chapter in the report. The government does not speak about the contents in the report and neither does it say anything as to why it had not been made public. They however say that they would go in appeal against the order of the High Court which had ordered making of the report public.

There has been a lot of debate in Hyderabad regarding this chapter. Lateef Mohammad Khan who heads the Muslim Forum for Telangana says that there is clear pressure from the government not to make that chapter of the report public. In fact we wanted to address the media about this issue and we received a call from the police asking us not to do it. We were told there is no need to discuss this issue in public.
Dr Prithviraj who heads the students movement for Telangana says that he had been maintaining since day one that this is a biased report given out by the Congress. This chapter 8 has only vindicated my stand. If the Congress had nothing to hide then why did he intentionally prevent this portion of the report from coming out.

The report says that Telangana would become a Maoist den if a separate state is created. I want to ask them one question. Chandrababu Naidu was attacked in the Andhra region by naxalites. M Subbirami Reddy was shot in the Andhra region by naxalites. What do they have to say about this? All this is just nonsense talk to curb the movement at the behest of the Seema-Andhra people. They want to brand all the people of Telangana as naxalites and underworld elements.
They should make this a public document if they have the guts. Frankly speaking we were against the committee since day one since we were expecting a report to this effect. Today we want Justice Krishna to be put behind bars.

Khan goes on to add that the situation will become dirtier in the days to come. Recently Samba Shivudu, a TRS leader was murdered. He was a strong leader who had command over the movement and today we suspect that the government could have got him killed. What has been suggested in the report to curb the movement has already started taking effect, Khan also adds.


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