Did Batcha have too much on him?

Sadiq Batcha
Sadiq Batcha. Photo courtesy: Samay Live

A key aide of former telecom minister, Sadiq Batcha is said to have committed suicide at his residence in Chennai on Wednesday. Currently the police are seeing this as a case of suicide, but do not rule out foul play either.

Ever since the arrest of A Raja, there was immense pressure on Batcha who according to the Central Bureau of Investigation was the key man of the former minister.he

promoter of a company by the name Greenhouse. The investigation by the CBI points to the fact that Greenhouse was the front company belonging to Raja and all the money earned through the 2G spectrum scam was parked in various places through this company. The investigations have also shown that Batcha handled all the money which came into Raja’s hand. It was also found that he had invested this money in a lot of real estate projects in Tamil Nadu.

Today there is no reason for the police to believe that it could have been a case of murder as well. He had on him too much information and he was the man who would have given the CBI the exact route of the 2G money trail.

Sources say that even if it was a case of suicide it could have been due to immense pressure since the CBI was also looking into the underworld and the hawala link to the money trail made out of the multi crore 2G scam. It is said that Batcha was the link between the 2G money and also the underworld and the hawala operators.

The CBI which has raided Batcha’s house on two ocassions was all set to question him in connection with the money trail. Moreover the CBI had also decided to arrest Bathca and question him under their custody.

This was something that none of those involved in the money trail could have afforded since it would have blown the lid of many persons remotely connected with the scam. Sources say that at any cost the persons involved wanted any questioning of Batcha and could have stepped up the pressure on him. The police would verify his call records to see if there were any death threas which ultimately led up to the suicide of Batcha.

The CBI during its probe had found that Raja had many fronts through which 2G money was parked. However all aspects of the probe showd that it was the firm managed by Batcha which had played the most crucial role. Sources say that Batcha was just a front man and did not take any decision on his own. He was brought into the picture due to his contacts that he had built up when he was a realtor. He is alleged to have contacts with hawala operators and also the underworld through which he had managed to park funds in various places. The CBI questioning of Batcha would have led them to the route of the money trail. In addition to this they were also trying to find out if Batcha had parked any money for party that Raja was part of.

Investigators say that this is a big blow to the investigation since it was extremely important that this man was questioned since he knew the exact details regarding the money trail as he had played a huge part in it

2 thoughts on “Did Batcha have too much on him?

  1. Poor Sadiq Batcha would not have died if KAPIL SIBAL’s Policy of 0 loss would have worked. India should make sure that Dr S SWAMY is safe till he screw all the DMK Goons and put them in TIHAR in the Loot of 2g Scam. Now, 2g Scam is connected with National Security, so IB and RAW must investigate if DAWOOD-ISI-DMK Nexus is behind this so called suicide. It seems Poor A Raja, Karunanidhi and Kanimozhi would also commit suicide after they go against Sonia Gandhi.


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