SIMI’s own playground

There is no doubt that Kerala which is known as God’s own country is emerging out to be a favourite destination for subversive activities. Very recently there was a specific alert regarding the re-grouping of the Students Islamic Movement of India and it also went on the say that Kerala was the destination to look out since the movement had its strongest routes over here.
Sources in the Intelligence Bureau had always pointed out that Kerala was the hub to watch out for since any terror group would find it easy to set up base in this state for various reasons. There has been a major change in the social fabric mainly started off due to political reasons and this has today turned out to be a dangerous phenomenon. The deadly mix of political and the communal factor which is becoming stronger than even has made this state a heaven for terror groups to set up their base over here.
Security agencies point out that the vast coastline only adds to the head ache and this route has been used very often for subversive activities. The Malabar coast in particular is well connected to the international waters and a poor vigil has ensured that terrorists manage to push in their arms and ammunition with much ease.
The police go on to add that the headache zones within the state are Binanipuram, Malapuram and Kozhikode. These are the primary hubs for groups such as the SIMI and also the Islamic Sevak Sangh which have by now set up over 100 modules in these areas. These organizations have been banned, but they continue to flourish under different names. Among the three places mentioned Kozhikode continues to be the major centre for the SIMI in particular since it has even gone up to the extent of starting up a women’s wing in this area.
Sources say that these areas have always been communally sensitive which in turn has prompted the ISI to nurture its forces in these belts. There have been various incidents in these belts since the 1990s which only indicate the sensitive nature of these areas which in turn help terror groups thrive. Both communities are always at each other and in the year 1993, a scholar by the name Maulavi Abul Hassan was abducted which sparked communal clashes in the region. This incident sparked off a major reaction from the Muslim community. This was more or less a turning point in the social fabric in Kerala and following this incident a section of the Muslim youth decided to hit back.
The IB says that several youth went missing following this incident and they believe that they had left the country to participate in a programme which eventually led to the setting up terror modules in Kerala. After 1993, the police did make many seizures in the Malapuram area and found material which was being used to prepare bombs. It was around this time that the ISS was also formed which was set up with a specific purpose to resist Hindu forces, the security agencies point out.
While smaller groups kept brewing there was the major Coimbatore blasts which was engineered by modules from Kerala which made all security agencies stand up and take notice. During the investigations it was found that the controversial Abdul Nasar Madani had joined hands with the Al-Umma from Tamil Nadui to carry out this incident. Further the probe also found that most of the cadres used for this attack were from Kerala which only gave the indication that this state had become a force to reckon with.
The IB has hoardes of dossiers on these activities in Kerala. There is a constant probe on both by the state and the central IB on these issues, but the problem that they face is that these groups are in some way or the other connected politically and eventually manage to get away. The ISI was quick to take advantage of this situation and it began funding operations as though there was no tomorrow. For the ISI it was about setting up a very strong launching pad and it believed that once Kerala was taken care of then all operations in South would continue unabated. At first they did try to tap Andhra Pradesh, but eventually they did realize that the political and social fabric in that state would not take them too far. They however did not find this problem in Kerala. The association between the ISI and the Kerala module was so good that for the first time forces from this state were used to fight the Kashmir battle.
Police officials say that the problem only intensifies when elections are round the corner. It is a known fact that every political group uses these forces to further their political cause. When this is the case, groups such as the SIMI go on the offensive. As a result of this today, the SIMI has managed to re-group well and little does everyone realize that this will turn into a full fledged problem.
SIMI today has an upper hand and it has already opened up all its channels in Kerala. One thing for sure is that they are not operating under the banner of SIMI and they have several front organizations to carry out this job. The funding which had become a bit of a concern for them is back on track and there are several groups in Kuwait and Riyadh which help SIMI with funds. SIMI further has managed to activate the Jamayyatul Ansar in Saudi Arabia which has started pumping in funds into Kerala.
Security agencies also point out that they have witnessed a lot of activity in Kozhikode in particular. The women’s wing of the outfit has been set up in this area and the women numbering around 30 of them have been working undercover to further the cause of terrorism. They have set up centres which they call as counseling centres as well as social service centres and it is through this they manage to rope in youth into the outfit.
Apart from this the security forces are also keeping a close tab on the recruitment which is being done through the education system in Kerala. Sometime back it was witnessed that distance education centres were being set up only for the Muslim youth in Kerala. This was in turn used as a platform to lure youth into terrorism. Although this menace is not that full fledged as of now, the police believe that it may be continuing in certain pockets of the state.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

3 thoughts on “SIMI’s own playground”

  1. Vicky, your recent blogs are appreciative pieces of work that should otherwise enlighten, frighten and instigate an immediate course of action that would unearth several of the Islamic menaces dwelling in the State, some secretly, some with the blessings of political parties. That no action drastic enough to bend the backs of these organizations has been initiated by the relevant authorities till date, other than a few staged ones, speaks volumes of the dire consequences that await the State. There looms a lingering fear amongst the society in general. If you investigate further you will notice that caches of guns, swords, hackers, knives, explosive materials, bombs etc. are all hoarded in their “Mosques’ itself thereby not only ridiculing the sanctity of a place of worship but also inhibiting authorities from entering the premises. Other than for Marad and Mulzaphilangad (Kannur) communal clashes where bountiful arms and explosives were discovered from surrounding Mosques, there has never been an attempt even to closely monitor this aspect.

    Do keep up the outstanding research, however, take care of yourself.

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