Today in Karnataka

BS Yeddyurappa in New Delhi. Photo courtesy: NDTV
Karnataka is back in the headlines and this time too the key player in this crisis is B S Yeddyurappa. The crisis in Karnataka has become a repetitive issue and ever since the Bharatiya Janata Party formed its first government in South India there is been one crisis or another.

Yeddyurappa will await with bated breath to see what the Special Court will do in the cases filed against him in connection with the land scam. Two advocates had filed complaints before the special court after the governor of Karnataka had accorded sanction to prosecute B S Yeddyurappa.

Yeddyurappa’s legal team had initially decided on moving the High Court against the order of the Governor. However the team has decided not to file the case and seek a stay of the order. A member of the team told that they did not want to jump the gun and instead wanted to see what action the Special court would take. These things take time and after much study and consultation they have found that the two advocates do not have much knowledge about the case. Moreover these advocates need to find their own witnesses and this entire process would take time.

The Special Court will also have to record the evidence, summon records and only then can it take cognizance of the case. We will wait and see what happens as this process could take at least another 20 days. When questioned whether or not it would be embarrassing for the CM if at all the Sessions Court took cognizance, the advocate from the Yeddyurappa camp said that the opposition may demand his stepping down, but by then some legal action will be planned. However we do not want to move the High Court right away.

Before the Special Sessions Court: The Special Court before which the two complaints were filed will have to deal with 15 issues. These issues were raised by two advocates and they had first petitioned the Governor. The Governor in turn accorded sanction for the prosecution of the CM following which the court was moved. The court will now have to study these allegations and if it finds that there is enough ground it could order a probe by an investigating agency into the matter. The court will look into the 15 allegations in which it has also been stated that the Chief Minister and his family gained Rs 189 crore due to these lands being denotified over the past two years.

At New Delhi: BJP MLAs and MPs would during the day meet with the President of India to complain about the Governor and also seek his recall. Yeddyurappa who was at New Delhi on Sunday discussed this issue with his party high command. Apart from this he also consulted with senior advocates and it was decided that they would file cases against the former chief ministers who also had allotted land illegally. A complaint has already been filed before the Justice B Padmaraj commission which is looking into the land scam against four former Chief Ministers including S M Krishna and Deve Gowda. This complaint running into over 500 pages was filed before the commission by a private advocate belonging to the BJP.

The rest of them: The Congress is gearing up to conduct a protest march after January 27th. They would also hold a massive rally to make public the alleged wrong doings of Yeddyurappa, Karnataka Pradesh Congress Chief, K Parameshwar informed.

The Janata Dal (s) is planning on moving the Supreme Court claiming damages as a result of the bundh call given by the BJP on Saturday.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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