The confusing case of Mecca Masjid

The Swami Aseemanand confession may have brought about a certain amount of clarity in respect to several cases. However doubts continue to linger on in respect of the Mecca Masjid case of Hyderabad which has a long way to go before it is solved completely.

For starters the Mecca Masjid case for some strange reason continues to be divided into two- the case of the exploded bomb and the case of the unexploded bomb.

Speaking to both the Hyderabad police as well as investigators in the CBI who are probing the Mecca Masjid case one gets the impression that there is a long way to go before this case is even cracked.

After the incident took place almost four years back, the Hyderabad police had started investigating the case. However the Muslims felt that they were getting a raw deal out of this since their community was being targeted and there was no way that they could have attacked their religious place of worship. After much pressure the case was handed over to the CBI which has been investigating this case since the past two years now. However this case was split up into two. The CBI commenced investigations of the case pertaining to the exploded bomb. However the police had found a bomb at the Mecca Masjid which did not explode and this case remained with the Hyderabad police.

Today there is pressure building up on the Hyderabad police to give up the case and hand it over to the CBI. Rights activists who have been espousing the cause of the Muslim accused who were booked in this case say that there is no reason why one case should be in the possession of the CBI. The bombs were planted with the same intention and hence it should be under one investigating agency.

The Hyderabad police however say that the very reason why they had retained that particular case was because they were digging more into it. However investigations today show that there is not much progress in that case and the police wants to give it a quietus. An officer in the Hyderabad police however pointed out that most of the officers who were part of the investigation have been transferred and they are now looking into why this case was retained in the first place. They are now waiting for a formal request from the CBI to hand over this part of the case.

The CBI however points out that the primary focus now is on the main portion of the case. The Aseemanand confession has helped the investigating agency a lot and there seems to be a direction they can head in now. The points and angles that the CBI are now looking into are- who planted the bombs at Mecca Masjid and who formed part of the logistic and local help in this case?

While Aseemanand had given bits and pieces of information relating to the Mecca Masjid blasts, the problem before the CBI is to join the dots between Sunil Joshi, Ramji Kalsanghra, Dange with Devendra Gupta and Lokesh Sharma. Gupta and Sharma are part of the chargesheet filed by the CBI. The chargesheet also names Joshi ( now dead), Kalsanghra and Dange as the primary accused both of who are absconding. The CBI says that the dots need to be joined since all these men are not originally from Hyderabad and they could not have carried out such an operation unless they had the support of local forces. The interrogation of Gupta who has been in the custody of the CBI for quite sometime now has not revealed much regarding the local support. The Hyderabad police too have not been able to give much information regarding this aspect. Moreover they have also been questioning Sharma regarding this angle and have not been able to get too much information on the same. However what the CBI has managed to establish is that it is the same set of people who had carried out both the Mecca Masjid as well as the Ajmer blasts. The CBI says that nabbing of Kalsanghra and Dange will give them all the answers and there is already a reward on their heads put out both by the CBI as well as the National Investigating Agency which is probing the Samjautha Blasts.

The Aseemanand confession is just a tip off and there is a lot of ground work that remains to be done in order to bring about a clarity in this case. We need to ascertain for sure who planted the bombs and also find out who was the local help who provided the logistics in this case.

The Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee of India which has been fighting this case since day one says that they did not find the Aseemanand confession one bit surprising since they had been saying the same thing to the police since day one. The fact finding commission relating to the Mecca Masjid case had pointed out that the Hyderabad police were misguiding the investigation and were shielding the accused. The committee says that the confession of Aseemanand is selective in nature since at no point of time does he mention who had supported the group locally.

The CBI however says that such investigations take sometime and the case has not been exactly easy since this is the second time around that the investigation is taking place. The real picture has just started to unfurl and it may be a couple of months more before a final clarity is there in this case and moreover cracking this case also means solving the Ajmer case since both are directly connected.

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  1. Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee of India(CLMCI) or CLUMSY
    suspicious name..needs to be investigated 🙂 #justkidding


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