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While a lot has been written about the likes of Ramji or Ramchandra Kalasanghra and Sandeep Dange, the NIA list of wanted in the Samjautha express blasts takes another name called Ashok.

The NIA which announced a reward of Rs 10 lakh for those who provide information on Kalasanghra and Dange also said that any person giving inputs about Ashok would be rewarded Rs 2 lakh. The case against Ashok who also goes by the alias Amith is being built up in the Samjautha blasts case.

According to the NIA, it was the trio of Kalasanghra, Dange and Ashok who executed the Samjautha blasts under the guidance of Sunil Joshi.

The blasts on the Samjautha express was probably the biggest operation carried out by this outfit and the NIA would be keen on solving this case at the earliest. The initial part of the investigations go on to show that Aseemanand did not have that big a role to play in the Samjautha case when compared to Joshi and his men. In fact Aseemanand goes on to state that when he had met with Joshi he was told that he had a surprise for him and had also asked him to keep a watch on the newspapers. A couple of days later he read in the news paper that a major blast had been carried out on the Samjautha express in which nearly 60 persons had been killed. This had happened in the month of February when Joshi along with Bharath Rateshwar had come on a motor cycle to meet with Aseemanand. The meeting took place at a temple in Balpur and there Aseemanand was told that there would be good news. Aseemanand then returned to the Shabari Dam Ashram and two days later read about the blasts.

The NIA probe in this case has shown so far that the operation was Joshi was the key man in this operation and he was the one who had arranged for the funds and logistics in this case. The NIA says that Joshi would have had all the answers to this case and he knew more than Aseemanand, but unfortunately he is dead. He then contacted Joshi and asked him how this attack had taken place and then Joshi told him that these blasts were carried out by his men. The men that Joshi refers to have not been mentioned by Aseemanand in his confession in connection with these attacks, but the NIA says that these are the three men directly involved in the blasts.

As the investigations unfold it comes to light that the entire operation was staged by Joshi and he had used Kalsanghra, Dange and Ashok to execute these blasts. Aseemanand’s confession however makes it clear that he was in the know of this attack and it was in a meeting with Joshi the latter had suggested that mostly Pakistanis travel by this train and it would be good to target this.

The probe based on these statements so far show that Dange had arranged for the explosives for this blast while Kalsanghra and Ashok went about planting the bombs apart from preparing the logistics.

With Joshi dead, it the arrest of three men who can help solve this case. Apart from this they would also like to find out who exactly had financed these blasts and whether there were more persons involved in this attack. The NIA would also probe to find out if Indresh Kumar had anything to do with the financing of this attack and also try and find out up to what extent he had gone to even arrange for the men who finally carried out this blast.

Kalsanghra, Dange and Amit have been part of the Joshi team since all these attacks were being planned. The trio along with another person Lokesh Sharma were part of a core team which always executed attacks with Joshi. Investigators say that their names figure in all these blasts and it becomes clear that they were these men took centre stage.

Aseemanand does make a reference to Ashok once during his confession. The first time that these persons met was at Bharath Rateshwar’s house in Valsad. During the meeting Sadhvi Pragya Singh was present. Joshi turned up later and along with him he brought Dange, Kalsangra, Lokesh Sharma and Ashok alias Amit.. It was during this meeting that Aseemanand told them that the time for revenge had come. However he realised that Joshi and his four men were already planning something.


Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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