Terror may strike from M’lore sea

Malpe fishing port. Photo courtesy: http://www.team-bhp.com/

Intelligence agencies have sounded an alert against a Mangalore bound ship which would be coming in from the UAE via Pakistan. The IB has stated that terrorists could be on board this ship and could infiltrate into Mangalore from where they may try and launch a terror attack.

The ship is slated to land at the Panambur port in Mangalore. However security agencies are more worried about the fishing port at the nearby Malpe area where terrorists may get off. Although the vessels are not permitted to stop at the Malpe port, those trying to infiltrate may use boats to get there. The coastal belt of Mangalore continues to be vulnerable and the aftermath of the 26/11 attack has only made activities in this port go up. Statistics would show that the activities such as smuggling in the Mumbai port came down considerably after the 26/11 attack due to enhanced security. These elements then shifted base to Mangalore which found to be vulnerable and since then smuggling activities have been on the rise.
The Karnataka government has beefed up security along the coast and all eyes are on this ship which is expected to dock in the next couple of days. The coast guards have been directed to keep a watch on all the fishing ports such as Malpe and Bundar around Mangalore in the event of this threat.
Police sources however added that there has also been a threat alert after four terrorists in Mumbai managed to infiltrate. However they have denied any knowledge of these four Bangladesh based Lashkar e Taiyba militants gaining entry into Bangalore. The alert says that these persons will try and target Bangalore due to the BJP gpvernment and the fact that it is an IT hub. However our counterparts in Mumbai are still looking for these men and information is being shared on a regular basis, the police also added.


16 thoughts on “Terror may strike from M’lore sea

  1. These alerts are put out for the benefit of the people. Its for v guys to stand guard at all times which I think shud b done with or without alerts

  2. Such heaines scream the front pages these days.although v hate the negativity we have to bear up since security is crucial and cant be taken lightly

  3. I often wonder if anything has been done for.coastal security that they r still scared that terrorists can easily come thru the sea

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