What are these terrorists planning?


Four terrorists are on the loose in Mumbai city according to the police and the sketch of one was even released by the police on Thursday. As the police continue to chase these terrorists with the help of the intelligence bureau who are passing on inputs, it has become clear that these men have slipped in from Bangladesh via West Bengal.
On these persons arriving at Mumbai, an alert was sounded off and it was also said that these men were planning on carrying out strikes at high profile places which also included the police headquarters. Prior to the alert being sounded off against these four men, there was another alert three days back in which it was said terrorists may try and target Mumbai and Ahmedabad.
Interestingly the Mumbai police had a similar task on hand ahead of the Ganesh festival celebrations. At that time the intercept was that two terrorists had entered into the city and planned on carrying out attacks in the city. The two men Kalimuddin Khan alias Rameshwar Pundit and Hafiz Sareef had come into the city in the month of September and had planned on disrupting the festival. However till date these men have not been apprehended as yet.
The pattern looks interesting and according to intelligence bureau officials, such things would continue to happen and it could be seen more in Mumbai.
The first thing that one notices is that the Lashkar-e-Tayiba is sending in a lot of its cadres from Bangladesh into Mumbai when compared to the Pakistan cadres who were a regular in this city earlier. The second thing is that these men actually do not go ahead with the attack and vanish all of a sudden without leaving a trail.
The IB explains to rediff.com that in future Mumbai will see more and more men of the Lashkar from the Bangladesh unit. This is a carefully thought out move since there is more inputs on the Pakistan cadres when compared to their counterparts in Bangladesh. Post 26/11 the borders we share with Pakistan was better manned when compared to the one we have with Bangladesh. Infiltrating through the Bangladesh border is easier since there are not enough checks in West Bengal and this makes it an easier route for terrorists to enter.
The second point is that these men are not always sent to carry out attacks. Their job is basically to set up modules and also pass on money to the existing cadres. They do not come in with arms or ammunition in order to avoid the heat. They usually carry on them information and also money that will be passed on to the cadres who are part of the modules in Mumbai.
Such cadres who come into the city apart from doing the job of passing on information and money also act as distractions for the security agencies. They normally do this and ensure that a bit of information regarding them is passed on so that they can undertake a different mission without having the heat on them which would be more serious in nature. These men more often just slip into the city and then slip out immediately. They never hang around in the same place, the IB also adds.
There has been an exercise over the past couple of months to strengthen their base in the city and this is a continuing exercise. However such things cannot be taken for granted as they do also carry with them an element of surprise and could well strike and hence it becomes absolutely necessary to issue an advisory as we need people to be on alert.
The four Lashkar militants who are from Bangladesh have now been identified as Abdul Kareem Moosa, Noor Abu Ilahi, Walid Jinnah and Mahfooz Alam. The Mumbai police say that there are very much within the city and one of them could have even changed his appearance. The police are however taking no chances and have even formed a special squad to arrest these men. Apart from this the police have also sought information from the general public regarding these men.


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