Madani chargesheet marred with loopholes

The Bangalore police have an uphill task when it commences the interrogation of high profile Bangalore blasts accused, Abdul Nasar Madani. A crucial document in our possession regarding the visits made by this Madani in the past run contrary to the chargesheet filed by the Bangalore police.

The chargesheet against Madani states that just a couple of days prior to the Bangalore blasts he had visited Madapur in Coorg district in Karnataka to discuss with T Nasir about the blasts. Madani has been given B grade security by the Kerala state government and it is mandatory that every movement of his has to be monitored including what he eats. The same information has to be reported to the Ministry of Home Affairs on a regular basis. However this particular report handed over to the Home Ministry does not make any mention of his visit to Madapur. The Bangalore police will have a lot of explaining to do on this aspect since the accused’s legal team is all set to cling on to this point while arguing his case.

Another point is with regard to the mobile phone which the police have claimed belonged to him. Although this is a minor diversion in the chargesheet, it would still come up for argument. The police says that he made calls from his phone to stay in touch with prime accused T Nasir whereas the phone company during the verification process have said that the phone belongs to Soofya Madani.

The third point that comes up for discussion is that point in the chargesheet where the police have alleged that he had circulated his book which allegedly contains jihadi literature. However this cannot be used a very strong ground since the book in question has not been banned and is in the market for the past ten years.

The Bangalore police begins its interrogation of Madani today. A special team is in place for this purpose. A source in the investigating team says that this could probably be one of the toughest interrogations that they have conducted. Madani is known for his oratory skills and moreover all he has been coached thoroughly by his legal team and hence it may be very difficult to find anything new from him. They will need to corroborate whatever little he is saying along with the version given by T Nasir in order to build up a case, an ATC official also said.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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