Madani arrested for role in Blore blasts case

Abdul Nasar Madani who is on the radar of the Karnataka police for his alleged role in the Bangalore blasts case is most likely to surrender than being arrested. A member of the Karnataka police team informed that when they approached Madani at Kerala and sought to pick him up, he himself suggested to them that he should be allowed to surrender.

Madani reportedly told the police, “why do you want to arrest me. If you do, it will only lead to a law and order problem. Let me surrender instead and I am ready to cooperate fully with the investigation. However don’t expect me to surrender immediately, I need some time before I can do that.”

Earlier during the day, there was talk that the Bangalore police are waiting for a formal nod from the Karnataka Home Minister before they can carry out the arrest. The Home Minister, Dr V S Acharya however told that he has no information of what exactly is going on there. I am aware that there is a team, but whether they carry out the arrest or not does not come under my purview. Don’t be under the impression that the Home Minister has to approve the arrest. The police work under the provisions of the Cr PC and the IPC and they are empowered to take action. There is a commissioner of police and a Director General of Police who are the competent authorities to take such a decision.

For the Bangalore police, the major concern is the law and order problem. At present they are pushing hard for a surrender so that they can bring him down to Bangalore with no problem whatsoever. Their counterparts in Kerala too have allayed fears of a law and order problem and have told the Karnataka team they should push for a surrender.

Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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