Ambati Rambabu on the tussle between Jagan and Cong

There is an open spat on in Andhra Pradesh between Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, K Rosaiah and son of late Dr Y S Rajashekhara Reddy, Jagan Mohan Reddy. It is rumoured that many in the AP Congress have launched a silent tirade against Jagan Reddy to either scuttle him or move him out of the party. There is also talk that Jagan may float his own party in the months to come since the high command has not been receptive to his demands.

Jagan’s closest aide, Ambati Rambabu who was recently suspended from the Congress party says that there is no plan to float a regional party at the moment. All Jagan’s friends, followers and well wishers have advised him to wait. In this interview with, Rambabu says we all know that Rosaiah has poisoned the mind of the high command against Jagan and we know in the due course of time, everything will fall in place.

It is said that Jagan will float a new party since the Congress high command has refused to play into his hands. Is this true?

I have heard these rumours too very often off late. We are in touch with Jagan and there is no such plan on the anvil. Jagan will remain with the Congress and that is what we have advised him also.

Jagan is not just any other leader who would be content with the post of a minister. You mean to say that no matter what the high command says, he will remain in the party.

That is not what I meant. Things have not become so bad that he has to think of leaving the party. He will wait and watch before he decides on anything. He will go about doing his work like conducting rallies and working for the party. Despite all this if the Congress continues to push him, I am sure he will take a decision on his exit or float a new party. But as of now there is nothing.

If everything is so hunky dory, then why the confusion about the recent yatra undertaken by him?

It has all been blown out. He undertook his yatra and there has been no problem. The response was great and you must have seen that. I think too much is being made about his yatra in the first place.

Sir, what you are saying is not correct. Your Chief Minister, Rosaiah did not want the yatra to go on. Please don’t deny that.

I never said that Rosaiah was supportive of the yatra. He is the one who has 100 per cent created all this confusion in the first place. The television channel owned by Jagan telecast some news against his government and ever since then he has been spewing venom. He is the one who has poisoned the mind of the high command against Jagan.

Where do you see the AP Congress going from here?

Everything will be sorted out in due course of time. We have faith.

You sound surprisingly optimistic about the party after being suspended by it.

Yes I am optimistic because my suspension has taken place due to the handiwork of one of two people. I know some have played politics in my case. All I had said that it was not right for Rosaiah to celebrate his birthday within a year of Dr YSR’s death. I am more confused than shocked about my suspension. I have two weeks time to reply to the disciplinary committee and I am preparing for that. I do not wish to say what my reply would be since it is too premature.

How has the high command reacted to this?

I have not got a single communication from the high command. I have written to Veerappa Moily regarding the same, but have not got any reply.

What does Veerappa Moily have to say about the Jagan fiasco?

It would not be right for me to put words into his mouth. However my reading is that Moily knows everything about politics in Andhra Pradesh. He knows it right from the grass root levels. He is very much aware that Jagan is a very strong candidate and knows that his continuance in the party is very much needed for the Congress in AP.

Can you picture the Congress without Jagan?

I cannot. His family has been in the party for so long and they have worked for it. As a friend I would advise him to stay in the party and I personally do not want him to float a new party at any cost. This is not just my view, but a view expressed by all his well wishers.

Do you see him as the Chief Minister in 2014?

It is too early to talk about that.

What does Jagan have to say about a new party or the present scenario?

He is not in favour of floating a new party. He has decided to wait patiently and see how things would unfold in the days to come. As of now there is nothing on his mind.


Author: Vicky Nanjappa

just a reporter

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